Big on Fun Group Dynamic

Small Group Personal Training allows you to get the same high-quality coaching and focus as one-to-one, with the added motivation of a fun class dynamic.


At Peak, we’re passionate about personal training being personal. In our private training studio, we have worked hard to create a dynamic environment to help you and your trainer maximise every session.

Our personal training focuses on building strength, improving cardiovascular fitness, boosting muscular endurance and enhancing mobility.

Our single most important element in programming is you. Your goals, ambitions and fitness journey are key to our coaching. From the first session, your trainer will work with you to make training personal, progressive and challenging in all the right areas.

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Flexible, Motivational And Sustainable


Up to four people per coach. Work out together, whatever your level of ability.

It’s All About You

All the personal attention of a one-to-one session.

Stay Engaged

Designed to make workouts dynamic, fun and motivational.

SGPT provides all the building blocks for long-term fitness and is more cost-effective than one-to-one personal training.

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